Projects on Investments

We can guide you on the following projects related to investments:
  • A Study on Investment in Financial Markets
  • A Study on Investment Avenues in India
  • A Study on Analysis of Investment Decisions
  • A Study on Online Trading
  • A Study on Investments in Initial Public Offerings
  • A Study on Investment in Primary Markets
  • A Study on Investment Pattern of Women Investors
  • A Study on Investor Perception towards Investments in Mutual Funds
  • A Study on Gold & Silver as Investment Alternative
  • A Study on Insurance as an Investment Strategy
  • A Study on Risk Management using Financial Derivatives
  • A Study on Trading Strategies using Options
  • A Study on Portfolio Management
  • A Study on Equity Analysis
  • A Study on Mutual Funds Analysis
  • A Study on Impact of Corporate News on Investment Decisions
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